What We Offer


Bike Rentals Calgary

The goal is simple. We want you to have a huge smile on your face when your done riding one of our bikes. We get whether you are visiting or just don't have a bike, rental bikes seem worn, used and unloved. Ours are different with daily checks and weekly maintenance to make sure memories are made on these classic city cruisers!

Vintage Sales

Vintage Restored Bicycle

Saving the environment is more than just riding a bike. Why not ride a restored bike and save it from the doom of rusting away? We have a large selection of vintage bikes to choose from. You are pretty much a super hero, as you will be saving the life of one happy bike.


Calgary Bicycle Repairs

 Your Dad's first bike, your Grandma's only transportation in the 50's, that unique bike you brought back after several years abroad...we love hearing your stories and want to help you bring these bikes and their special memories back to full glory! Check out the Gallery to see some of our work.  

Repairs and Tune Ups

Calgary Bicycle Repairs

Tire changes, wheel truing, hub rebuilds, brake and derailleur adjustments.  We have pretty much done it all! As certified United Bike Institute mechanics, we are proud to be fully accredited from the most recognized program in North America. 

New Sales

City Cruiser Bicycle Calgary

Sometimes there is nothing that can compare to that new bike feel. Flaunt the vintage inspired charm ride of a Retrospec bicycle! Ride upright and ride in style.


Bicycle Accessories Calgary

Whether you need a cute basket on the front to carry your purse, or those fenders to let you ride even when it's raining we have a finely selected line up of accessories, to not only keep your bike functional but also safe.