About Us

Since 2013, Rath Bicycle has grown; through referrals and word of mouth, we've gone from a basement workshop in south-west Calgary, to getting referred by some of the largest bike shops in the city as a  subject matter expert for vintage bicycle restoration. What started out as an idea to save a few unwanted bikes, has developed into a deep passion, not only to reduce our carbon footprint, but revive beautiful design and history of an essential mode of transport. 


One of our favorite parts of running the shop is the amazing customers and community we get to develop relationships with and relish the opportunity to serve! We've been encouraged by comments such as, 

" Their vintage bikes drew me in at first, and it was their friendliness that made me want to stay for the day".

"They did an AMAZING job restoring it. Tom truly is passionate about every tiny detail when it comes to how the bike performs and looks"   

“They are so warm, honest and kind. They are the type of people that build community and entrepreneurs that contribute and add to Calgary”

Not only do these experiences drive us to develop our skills, but they also reinforce our sense of purpose as cyclists, bike mechanics, and as a local family business. 

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